Every year, we are always excited about our craftsmen exhibitors’ arrival, and look forward them to fill the square with love and merchandises made by soul. Apart from the lights, flavors and pleasant smells, their hand-made miracles are needed as well to complete the Advent of Basilica feeling. You can find out more about our artisans below:

Besides the craftsmen exhibitors, unique culinary stands await visitors as well:  in addition to the classic fair foods, streetfood, bbq dishes and the traditional cuisine of the Hungarian csárda will be available as well, provided by the top-notch Baricska Csárda.
Apart from hot beverages, such as hot chocolate and hot cocktails traditional and specially flavoured mulled wine options will be served as well.

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Just as in previous years spirit and cosiness will fill the square. For this craftsman, artifices, artists and their unique hand made items contribute greatly. Without them the holiday wouldn’t be the same. Come and see their products.



Balla-Art Kft.

Bokréta ceramics - Heart-warming ceramic flowers, animals, fruits that make an apartment a real home. But we can even decorate places with them where no living flowers would remain.

Ház Kerámia

Kerámia Kályha Kft. has been engaged in ceramic production for 12 years. At the Advent Feast they offer bowlers, evaporators, mugs, pourers, ceramic Christmas items.


Cameleon Art Stúdió – Bereznai és Társa Kft.

Éva Bereznai Szabó ceramic is with us at the Advent Feast from the beginning.With her handmade ceramics and Christmas decorations related to the holiday she takes part in every year. Every Christmas she tries to enhance their range with new products.


Pipacs Kerámia – Kovács Gabriella

Gabriella Kovács began making ceramic objects in 1998 - her dream came true with working with clay. After the mastery of traditional techniques (discs, writing) her current style has been developed for six years. The objects are hand-molded and then burned to the terracotta and after the calcination at 1100° C they get the final colour. The harmony and freedom of the ceramic soul and the clay have brought to life its forms and colors: the Pipacs Ceramics.


The Budapest Felt Shop

Hand-made unique felt jewelry, bags, hats and other felt accessories.


Kozma Mézeskalács Kft.

Christmas without gingerbread is simply unimaginable. Kozma's gingerbread stand offers unique flavors, shapes and even organic products.


Natural Business Kft.

Body and face care products containing only natural raw materials, made with an artisanal process.


FreyaGlass Art – Freya Design, Kárpule Zsolt

At FreyaGlass Art they make exciting colorful glass jewelery and porcelains. They produce their items from quality raw materials, unique designs and ideas. The shape and color of their jewels are varied - anyone can find the right one for them. The mounts are made of medical steel, so those who are metal-sensitive can also wear them.



Szendelbacher Kesztyű

Today's form of the famous Pécs glove. A wide range of fashion gloves made with handcrafted processes and unique materials, each piece is a work of art.



The giranellis are glass jewelery designed by Rácz Kriszta Sunflower: rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, badges, accessories. They make their jewelery with glass technique from high quality borosilicate, many of them are under design protection.

The giranelli name is an Italian wordplay, "girare" like spinning, circling, and "anelli" as a ring, and reflects that the specialty of our jewels is internal movement and playfulness.


Handpets – Párisi Baba-Mama Kkt.

The Páris Baba-Mama Kkt. has been producing puppets for 21 years. Puppets are jeweled craftsmanship products. The visitor can be choose between 140 kind of three- and five-finger puppet gloves on the Advent Feast.


Sarki Fény Díszüveg – Horváth Márta

Márta Horváth started to deal with the glass as a hobby. She works with Tiffany glass, glass fusion and glass mosaic techniques. Her products are mainly self-designed, inspired by flora and fauna. The creations are made with meticulous craftsmanship, making them unique.


Kovács Manufaktúra – ceramics

The Kovács Manufactory started as a family business in 1991. Their workshop preserves their local traditions as part of the Mezőtúr Pottery on a representative list of the UNESCO's Cultural Heritage, and further develops custom and decorative objects based on the designs of Karolina Kovács, a craftsman.



Parpar Art

Parpar Art at the Advent Feast offers wreaths, garlands, Christmas decorations, 100% essential oils, door decorations.

Parti fur

Mariann Fazekas Hürkecz, owner of the Parti fur, herited the science of skinner art from her grandparents. Grandfather József Parti had been working in his profession since 1946. Later his daughter joined to the family business. As the granddaughter of József Parti Mariann decided to continue the profession in 1988. The uniqueness and traditions are important for her. In their offer, the customers can find fur or leather jackets made of sheepskin, such as hats, gloves, pelt mamus, pelt slipper, which provides warmth in winter with 



A Sütipecsét – Székely Tulipán Bt.

Zsolt Kovács and his wife had exactly twenty years of dreaming to work for themselves. Thus in 1998 they established their joint venture. At first they made wooden carvings and began to produce cake patterns and sell them at fairs. Over the past 20 years they travelled around all of our great festivals and major festivals. They get so much love from their customers that we want to do the same for 20 years. 



Kézzel festett üvegdísz

Tóth József has been dealing with the distribution of hand-painted Christmas tree decorations, bowls and other glass objects traditionally made of glass for ten years. They have an established customer base, but with the demands and trends, they strive to expand their offer.


K O S T Y – The useable past – CDE Stúdió Kft.

The KOSTY Workshop was founded in the last century with the aim to produce antique picture frames and small furniture. Most of them are made of pine wood, with chemical-free surface treatment, entirely by hand. Antique writing articles come from Italy. At the Advent Feast antique feathers, seals, works of the past, antique picture frames, cabinets, boxes, mirror frames, stationery boxes, scattered paper images can be found.


Csigaházikó Kerámia Kft.

Handmade ceramics by Gabriella Kovács. Not only articles, but also lovely decorative elements and ornaments will be included in the assortment!


CsoKiss Manufaktúra Kft.

Handmade chocolate-wonders! Unmissable!


Garay Szűcs Kft.

The furrier profession is in their blood, as the great-grandfather of the family was already working in this craft. Unique embroidery, expert hands, wonderful suede products.


Holtner Delikátesz

A chessboard with a traditional Hungarian motif? Yes, Krisztián has got it in addition to may products . But all kinds of utility tools can be found by the visitor, only in a slightly different way.


Leather Manufactory – Buzás Béla 

Béla Buzás has been distributing popular and applied arts and quality souvenirs for 20 years. He regularly participates in Christmas and other craft fairs. Based on customer feedback,his work also has an impact on product development. Important aspects are form, size, color richness and environmentally friendly technology.

In the Advent Feast there are bags, belts, key rings, magnets, bracelets, gloves, caps, hoop skirts, boots, bows and accessories.

Tihany Lavender Manufactory

The Tihanyi Lavender Manufactory was created in 2009 with the mission of spreading the value of Tihany Lavender to a wider audience. For this purpose they show the manifold use of the lavender products they produce. Their products are made in a handicraft factory based on custom design.

At the Adventist Fair you can choose from soaps, perfumes, beauty products, home fragrances, essential oils, soap sticks and other decorations on the booth.


From Erika Berta's workshop prettier and prettier home accessories, figurines, dolls and souvenirs made of cotton cloth are placed at the Advent Feast.

Szász Judit ceramics– Goral Kft.

Judit Szász opened his first ceramic workshop in 1995. She always highlights the excellent quality. She burns her utensils on high temperature, makes with handwriting and manual staining. Her main motifs are flowers. With her forms, she is trying to go straight to a simpler line. Her products fit into the furnishings of today's modern and rustic interior spaces.

In 2006 she opened her flower shop with her brother in London. As a result of the market demands, ceramic flowers started to grow. The flowers are formatted manually in original size and are aimed at life-like shapes.


Inkaház, Craft products from the Andes – Illimani  Export-Import Bt.

At Inkaház the visitor can find handicraft products made of natural materials from Andes, with unique folk motifs and ornaments.


Shop for angelic gifts – Kunfalvi Gábor 

For more than 60 years, at Christmas time, we put it in the main place of the decorated tree at the time of my childhood, a photo of a nun admitted to me and a tiny flag representing the born Jesus. In spite of the past, we are celebrating with love.
With our family, we thought that this festive symbol could not only be much for believers, since the preservation and revival of our culture and traditions is a real need for more and more of us. In the "Angels" we have found the common denominator that most people accept without commitment and which can also bridge the true content of the celebration. We have come up with the color and shapes that make people sympathize with people today and make people smile and love. From here, there is only a small step in the "Jazol Respect", which is already a great pleasure for the celebration of more and more families. We would like our gift items to be of permanent memory to others.


At RixArt the first stainless steel bracelet was made in 2009 ... He was followed by many ideas and accomplishments!

The rock / punk / rockabilly / country line is popular but in addition to the wildest pieces, the cheerful colors and elegance are also located. Every piece of glass jewelery features unique colors and shapes and the permanent shape of their steel jewelery is the ever-evolving production line for their help. Anyone can find their own tastes and individuality in them!


Pankotai Leather – Miegymásért Bőrdíszműve Szociális Szövetkezet

Since 1999, Pankotai Workshop has been dealing with the production of custom-made leather clothes and other leather accessories. The best quality European skins are hand-made. Each piece is unique and durable, suitable for today's needs.

PANKOTAI CLASSIC is characterized by the latest in fashion with elegant clean shapes and high quality work. PANKOTAI FOLK has everyday wearable pieces based on traditional Hungarian handicraft traditions. PANKOTAI HUNTING is a durable, quality, practical hunting accessories made of excellent materials.


G Decoration – Bálint István

István Bálint has been engaged in family business since 1991 with ornamental plant decoration and distribution. Since 1995 they have expanded their offer with dried flowers and floral baskets. They have been attending advent fairs for twenty years. Christmas decorations, wreaths and baskets made from natural materials are soldon their stand.

Leather and fur - Ramo-Bert Bt.

Ramo-Bert Bt. was established in 1996, has a 20 years of experience in the leather and fur market. The products they sell are only high quality, premium-quality pieces, only from acknowledged Hungarian designers.

Christmas tree ornaments – Tamásné Geröly Mária folk craftsman
Mária Tamásné Geröly folk craftsman learned the art of husk from her mother. For about 30 years she has been preparing her Christmas tree decorations with her husband.


Teimel Kerámia

A dynasty of old potters who are dedicated to their profession. According to their credo, pottery traditions can be incorporated into the modern era, it just takes a little fantasy...