Opening Hours

2020 was different. Quite different. But this year we can meet again!

Thanks to the bettering situation and the improvements made last and this year in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, we can celebrate advent at the basilica together again. Our well-known feast returns in its traditional fashion starting on the 19th of November 2021 at St Stephan’s square Budapest.

From the 19th of November until the 1st of January 2022 the market awaits all, who would like to fill their heart with Christmas vibes and go back in time when they were kids and prepare for the holiday season as back then.

Our programs guarantee that all family members will find something to their liking, thus a visit to the square at the basilica can become an all-day long family plan. For further information please visit our program page.

Let’s prepare for advent and experience intimate moments of the holiday together. In love and safety


General opening hours

Monday - Thursday:

11 AM – 9 PM (10 hrs)


11 AM – 10 PM (11 hrs)


11 AM – 10 PM (11 hrs)


11 AM – 8 PM (9 hrs)


Special opening hours on the following dates:


2021. December 24. (Friday):

11 AM - 3 PM (4 hrs)

2021. December 25. (Saturday):

11 AM - 8 PM (9 hrs)

2021. December 26. (Sunday):

11 AM - 8 PM (9 hrs)


New Year's Eve:

Craftsmen exhibitors:

2021. December 31. (Friday):

11 AM – 10 PM (11 hrs)


Culinary exhibitors:

2021. December 31. (Friday):

11 AM – 3 AM (16 hrs)


New Year's Day:

2021. Január 1. (Saturday):

11 AM – 6 PM (7 hrs)