Our story

Advent at the Basilica celebrates its twelfth birthday this year. This event, which has been voted for the 'Best Christmas market in Europe' for the second time last year, opens its gates on 18th November 2022, and it can be visited by 1st January 2023 at the St.Stephan square.

It doesn't matter whether we visit the square with our family, friends or colleagues, the real, authentic Christmas atmosphere is sure to captivate us. Not only the Christmas whirlwind, but the wonderful handmade works, the fantastic gastronomic adventures, the artistic performances, the self-forgetting laughter of the skaters or the exciting 3-dimensional play of light and shadow on the facade of the Basilica, these all contribute to that the Advent season’s blessed anticipation be able to worm its way into our hearts the again. This way we can fly back to the enchantment of our childhood’s Christmases.

Every day of Advent tells a new story: the tales of Christmas’ past, present and future, which all live within us!