In the middle of the market, there is an oval skating-rink where everybody once again experiences their childhood...

...whlie gliding over the ice, lovers clutch each other’s hands tightly and parents watch their children’s first endeavor on ice with sparkling eyes. Much like the rest of the feast, there are many smiling faces taking in the pleasure of the rink. Freinds and family, in their festive moods, sip hot mulled wine next to the rink as the watch the happy skaters, the christmas lights and the view of the Basilica.

It is free to use under the age of 14 and if the skates are accidently left at home, you can borrow some for free. If the tiny ones are insecure on the ice, they can take part in training every weekend.

Skating training for children:

  • every Saturday and Sunday 2PM-6PM

Slip in to the Christmas spirit once more to enjoy the tasty dishes at one of the many gastronomic experiences!