Make a tour around the winter flavours with us!

Taste delicious courses from many countries, dwell on sweet experiences or choose a more characteristic dish in order to enjoy the goods of the craftsmen and the company of your beloved ones, all while warming up in the winter chill!
Note! Christmas is the holiday of love and care and we are driven to ensure that all of our visitors will find the best for their tastes.

Our exhibitors prepare gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free meals for our guests with special dietary needs to ensure that no one misses out on the delightful gastronomical experience.

Kozma gingerbread – Kozma Zoltán folk craftsman

Zoltán Kozma believes that this craft will continue to live forever, while retaining its traditional technique and style, so he loves to make a gingerbread with beetle, but he likes to decorate them with traditional color techniques as well as writing. Some of the gingerbreads are prepared according to the nutritional requirements of today (bio and sugar-free), preserving the traditional look and taste.

I love lavender – A’lacarte Kézművesbolt Kft.

The family business deals with lavender cultivation in Pannonhalma. We would like to introduce everyone what can be made from this wonderful plant, whether it's drinkable or edible, or a cosmetic item. At the fair you will find lavender syrup, lavender jams, lavender honey, lavender oil, but you can also choose from premium soaps made with Pur-Pur Pannónia shea butter.


Chilion has conquered the country in recent years. In 2017 it became the world champion in the USA (World Hot Sauce Awards). Jolokia 4X products were selected as the world's best "Pepper Blend" category. They are particularly proud of this, because in this category it is not the strength of the product but the taste and composition of the product.

Their classic recipe has been unchanged since the beginning with the pungent nature of the flavors, every experiment starts from the direction of gastronomy.

Gingerbread – Berszánné Román Erzsébet

Erzsébet Román Berszán has been preparing gingerbreads for 10 years. Her grandmother also had a gingerbread and brittle shop. To date she uses her recipe somewhat modernized. In addition to gingerbreads she also shows their own designs with eggs decorated with folk motifs and writers.

BeeBor Metheglin made of Homoki honey - BEEBOR Első Magyar Mézbor Manufaktúra Kft.

BeeBor is a real dessert wine specialty! Made from the Homoki family’s multi-recognized quality honey which they make in their own manufactures with their own workforce, ideas and implementation. The BeeBor trademark is protected by "Hungarian Craftsman Fine". Taste you too! Make the weekdays a feast, and celebrate the holidays! BeeBor is also unique as a gift!

Ketel Magyarjai – Miklós Rudolf

Gingerbread – Csóka Brigitta

The Karcag Gingerbread is a family business since 1988. Their main profile is gingerbread and peanut cookie production and there are also gingerbread houses and figurines such as bells, pine trees, angels, cats, stars and other delicacies. Both adults and children return for the unique flavour.

ChocoMe – Gourmet Store Kft.

ChocoMe uses 100 percent high-quality chocolate cocoa butter from french Valrhona, Michel Cluizel, Cacao Barry and Belgian Callebaut chocolate manufacturing companies as ingredients. Different toppings are from selected German, Italian and French suppliers.

When making odd-flavored chocolates made from flawless ingredients special attention is paid to aesthetics which is now a trademark of chocoMe chocolate. Achievement and uncompromising excellence begins from buying raw materials through all the steps of chocolate production until the finished product is received.

Csokicsel handcrafted chocolate
Csokicsel Ltd. works as a family business. Since 2012 they have been producing cheerful, amusing chocolate products. The range is endless: chocolate tools, chocolate screws, chocolate corkscrew, chocolate spoon and many other lifelike chocolate items can be found there. They use the finest quality materials, paying close attention to details, aesthetic appearance, high standards. Chocolate items are made by hand with excellent Belgian chocolates.

Édes Fini Bt.

Ez SAJT – Lactose-free cheese – Lyan Kft.

The "Ez SAJT" delicious cheese specialties become lactose-free by naturally maturation. They were officially selected as World's Best Cheese according to the World Cheese Awardon. From cow through sheep to goat or from hard to moldy everything can be found and tasted. Another peculiarity is the EDIBLE ALCOHOL which is nothing more than a cubed-shaped pálinka! Guaranteed to be astonishing!

Truffle - Gourmand Company Kft.

The Gourmand Company's truffle product family is made from domestic-made mushrooms. Their recipes range are from classic, simple variations to modern high-gloss alloys. During processing they take care to ensure that the truffle preserves its unique flavor and further enriches it by blending. It is a challenge to them to make the treasures of our forests available, so their motto is "A bit of  luxury for everyone! "At the Advent Feast truffles and forest mushroom creams, truffle oil, salt, butter, cheese, chocolate, dried mushrooms, chutney, pickle, honey peanut, chopped and sliced ​​truffles are awaiting the gourmets.

Royal Marzipan – Mezei Marcipán Kft.

At Royal Marzipan unique marzipan specialties are made. Manufactured as a family business, their products are made from the finest quality raw materials available in the confectionery industry.

Ráchel Raj’s Dreidel – Makkábi Kft.

Ráchel Raj cake designer has been conducting her family pastry the Raj Ráchel Tortaszalon for 17 years, with three confectioneries in Budapest and webshop.

Hungary's best-known Hungarian-Jewish pastry, Ráchel Raj’s Dreidels is based on family traditions and old family recipes exclusively from Hungarian natural ingredients (poppy, apple, walnut and plum jam). In 2018 Ráchel Raj’s Dreidel was selected to '100 Most Jewish Foods' in New York.

Szamos édességek – Marcipán Likör Kft.

Annabella Szamos is committed to represent the Szamos Marzipan brand. She has been traveling the country with the Szamos products for nearly 12 years so she has gained experience in the taste of the different regions. Her stand is one of the favorites at the Advent Feast at Basilica visitors from around the world are comming to her. She is proud to bring the Szamos products to many countries.

Szamos Marcipán liqueur, fondant, desserts, pralines, cakes and biscuits are awaiting the customers at the Advent Feast.


Bokri cheese

The manufacture in Nógrád county brings the flavor of thousands year old traditions to you. Their cheeses are made of premium quality 100% of milk producing cottage cheese from sheep, goat and cow's milk. Their products have won the Hungarian Product Grand Prize, the Handicrafts Great Prize and the natural sheep cheese on the 2018 Cheese Cup was also awarded gold.

Reinpold's Kolbice

We recall the eternal classic, the pair of bread and sausages. Taste our hors d'oeuvres with the maximum meat sausages in whole grain or gluten-free version with extra condiments and sauces. And if you're a little bit hungry, a Kolbdog is an excellent choice for you!

Kobe Sausasages

Kobe Sausasages is preparing for the holiday with its own popular street food stores !! The original Kolbice's freshly baked breadcrumbs contain pork, beef or duck sausages filled with natural dumplings with free-choice ingredients and sauces! If you do not want to eat bread, you will not be hungry: the deliciously grilled sausages of Kolbites served on the fresh salad bed await you!